Our range of suction tubes have stainless steel polished rounded  ends with chrome plated mounts and blocks.

These can be made in any gauge and length with curved or angled working lengths required 


Adson, slight curved tip         6fg - 12fg      135mm working length

Adson Frazier, angled            7fg - 9fg        110mm working length

American pattern, angled         10fg            110mm working length

Baron, angled                         3fg - 7fg          135mm working length

Frazier, angled                       6fg - 10fg       125mm working length

Gillies, curved                            10fg             145mm working length

Lempert, angled                     6fg - 10fg       135mm working length

Zoellner, suction tube

Verhoeven, suction tube       16g - 24g        100mm working length


House cut out adaptor luer fitting

Laryngeal / Oesophageal aspiration tubes

2mm dia - 6mm dia                             20cm - 60cm working length

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