Brief history


The Central Surgical Company was formed in 1960 by a group of the instrument makers from the old General Surgical company when it closed down, it was then taken over in 1989 by John Corroyer who had been working for the company since 1974, since then he has been joined by his two sons and more recently a grandson, so there are now three generations of the family working within the company.

Central Surgical have held ISO certification since 1998 and are currently certificated to EN ISO 13485:2016

Products and services

These days we do not manufacture the same large range of surgical instruments that we have done in the past due mainly to the changing times and requirements plus the innovation of new materials and technologies along with imported products from overseas, we do however still produce a varied range of standard surgical instrument types along with a lot of new lines of production for trades allied to the medical industry such as veterinary, scientific and laboratory.

We also manufacture a large range of bespoke equipment and instruments for a number of our customers and carry a large stock of stainless steel tubing which we not only use in our manufacturing but also supply to the industry in general.

All of the instruments and equipment manufactured by the Central Surgical Company are made in our north London based units, we do not and will not import equipment for refurbishment and resale in the UK.

For information on any of our products or prices please contact us :

Telephone - 02076097259                    

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The environment


All of the instruments and equipment that we manufacture are made from 100% recyclable metals and not disposable plastics which are not currently easily recyclable and therefore harmful to the environment